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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 07:54:38 EST

Ar 10:08 +0900 1999-11-30, scríobh Masataka Ohta:
>> Ar 09:29 +0900 1999-11-29, scr=EDobh Masataka Ohta:
>> >> Recently we have requested the ISO 639-2 RA to add a single 3-letter code
>> >> for Sign Languages (deaf and otherwise). This single code can be combined
>> >> with ISO 3166-1 country codes and ISO 3166-2 subdivision codes usefully.
>> >
>> >And it unnecessarily distinguish same Sign Languages in different
>> It does _not_. Sorry, but you are dead wrong. Sign Languages _are_
>> different in different countries; and some countries have more than one.
>It's not a counter argument to my points.
>However, you now are confirming the obvious fact that Sign Languages are
>no different from spoken languages that ISO 3166 is equally useless to
>Thank you for denying yourself to have mentioned Sign Languages.

Clearly Masataka Ohta has no idea what he is talking about. This is
beginning to annoy me, and so this is my last statement on the matter.
There are too many Sign Languages to expect 639-2 codes, and it is
convenient to describe them as "sgn". The Deaf community approved this and
the 639-2 RA is likely to. It is necessary to differentiate between them,
however, and, since in almost all cases the difference is identically
coterminous with ISO 3166 entities, it is extremely sensible to describe
them as presented in Where a
country has more than one Sign Language in it (Australia, Belgium, Canada,
US, etc.), ISO 3166-2 entities were used. No problems, little if any
ambiguity, and everyone is happy.

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