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From: Stephen Holmes (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 18:57:24 EST

Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer allow you to map character
regions to individual fonts that will be dynamically mapped at display time
if you are using UTF8/UCS2 - see the equivalent of their respective Options

Alternatively, you could use a more complete Unicode font such as Arial MS
Unicode (shipping with Office 2000) for all locales.

To have _other_ people view your multilingual pages is quite another matter.
If your page informs them of how to set-up their font maps and assuming they
have the necessary fonts, then that may do until some funky app figures it
all out for you automatically! Alternatively, use (dare I say it) graphics
images (forgive me, I said it).



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Subject: Authoring multilingual webpages

I would like to write webpages using an assortment of Unicode characters
(e.g. Chinese, IPA, etc.) and have them be generally viewable. Is there
a browser and method of authoring (e.g. directly in Unicode, specifying
charsets, etc.) that will enable people to view pages without requiring
them to have particular fonts installed and particular mappings between
fonts and languages specified?

Thank you,

Corey Miller
Nuance Communications

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