RE: unicode and malayalam

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 15:28:27 EST

> So it should be the task of the Unicode to
> document in some more detail how these controls should contribute to encode
> text in ALL these script, and how this encoded text is supposed to be
> rendered.

The UTC editorial committee would be delighted to entertain submissions
to describe the rendering of Malayalam (or Telugu, or any other Indic script)
in the same kind of detail currently provided for Devanagari and Tamil.

It is not that we are unaware that the current descriptions are
insufficient -- there just has not been any bandwidth during the
development of the text for Unicode 3.0 for any member of the editorial
committtee to do the necessary research and draft the descriptions.

My suggestion, for those concerned, would be to take the Devanagari
chapter of the Unicode Standard as a model, and then work with experts
on the script(s) of concern, and develop full descriptions posted
somewhere on the web, with examples. Those descriptions could help
developers working on particular scripts -- and could serve as input for
review by the UTC to seed the preparation of text that would actually
go into the standard in its next revision.

--Ken Whistler (member of the editorial committee)

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