RE: unicode and malayalam

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 06:49:03 EST

RajKumar wrote (about Malayalam):
>reformed the script in 1973 and that script is being taught in
>the schools but some of the old script is being written in the
>newspapers magazines etc since it is better looking (according
>to some - mostly old people and writers) and it saves space when

This is the case for many languages and, maybe, is another thing to be
considered in the "language tagging" discussion: languages change also over
time, non only over space.

So, tags like en-US, en-UK, en-IE, etc. do not exhaust the possibilities.
Someone could also need things like en-ANGLOSAXON, en-ELISABETHAN, etc...
Has anyone experienced the performance of en-UK spellcheckers or hyphenizers
applied to Shakespeare's plays? A disaster!

Someone already raised a similar issue about Chinese: zh-CH (for "simplified
hanzi") and zh-TW (for "traditional hanzi") are poor ways to express script
variations that are not really "national variants" (both the PRC and Taiwan
claim to be the same country, btw!) but rather "different spelling


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