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From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 18:30:52 EST

In Hebrew, it would be -10%.

During the ECMA bidi working group, it came out that in Hebrew mathematical
expressions and graphs are normally left to right, while in Arabic they are
right to left. While in Hebrew algebraic expressions use Latin letters, in
Arabic they use Arabic letters.

Since explicit bidi codes are not available in any popular environment,
naturally they are not being used. People resort to various tricks, such as
adding spurious blanks or changing the language to English - but the latter
is equivalent to LRE-PDF, as the text involved consists solely of digits
and neutrals.


At 08:09 04/12/99 -0800, Mark Leisher wrote:
>Recent experimentation with bidi reordering algorithms brings up some
>questions. I am told (by native speakers) that the expression "-10%" is
>written "%-10" in Persian and "%10-" in Arabic. How is it written in Hebrew?
>Thaana? Syriac? Are implementers using explicit bidi codes to reorder
>expressions like this?
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