RE: Unicode in RichEdit 2

From: Paul Dempsey (Exchange) (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 18:46:45 EST

> From: Glen Perkins []
> Subject: Unicode in RichEdit 2

Paraphrased: Glen seeks a working example of the richedit 2 control that
shows some Unicode CJK text on Windows 98.

> My goal for this "hello, world" app is to display the C/J/K
> word for "China" (U+4e2d U+570b) in a RichEdit 2 control on
> (any non-Asian) Win98 with any one of the East Asian language packs
> installed. ... Just two simple CJK chars forming the word "China"....

I was embarassed by the poor response Glen recived from various Microsoft
folks, so I wrote the attached minimal program that meets his goal. The
attached file is the complete program that compiles, links, and runs. You
might need to tweak it to use a font that you have installed on your system.
This is set to use SimHei. I ran this on English Windows 98 Second Edition
4.10.2222A with Riched20.dll version, and it appears to work.

--- Paul Chase Dempsey
Microsoft Visual Studio Text Editor Development

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