RE: unicode and malayalam

From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 20:33:22 EST

At 12:27 PM 02-12-99 -0800, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>My suggestion, for those concerned, would be to take the Devanagari
>chapter of the Unicode Standard as a model, and then work with experts
>on the script(s) of concern, and develop full descriptions posted
>somewhere on the web, with examples. Those descriptions could help
>developers working on particular scripts -- and could serve as input for
>review by the UTC to seed the preparation of text that would actually
>go into the standard in its next revision.

Do you know if anyone is working on such a text for Burmese/Myanmar? I'm
hoping to meet with Justin Watkins, John Okell's replacement at SOAS, when
I am in London in January, and I want to take him as much Burmese related
Unicode material as I can get together.

John Hudson

Tiro Typeworks
Vancouver, BC

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