RE: global IME on CJK windows

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 01:26:19 EST

Thanks kevin. You are very kind.

According to document in,
implementing the active IME support take 9 steps. I did all these
in my application, and everything seems work fine as expected on
US windows. But when I tried my application on my japanese NT with
simplified chinese global IME package installed, I could not change
to simplified chinse IME. While Native (Japanese) IME works fine.
Base on my debugging result, global IME does wrapped the native IME
as described in MS's documents. So my question is, on CJK windows,
why global IME is disabled while native IME works? For IE, everything works
fine. I could select both global IME and native IME
without any problem.

Another interesting behavior is, if I call "LoadKeyboardLayout" ,
"CH" keyboard layout will appear on keyboard layout menu, and
it can be activated. However, IME does not work.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Steve Lee

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>Subject: RE: global IME on CJK windows
>Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:57:13 -0800
>I can help you with that Steve. What exactly doesn't appear to be working?
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>Subject: global IME on CJK windows
>Microsoft began to offer global IME support since IE4x.
>They published the API documentation sometime this year.
>I implemented global IME support in our own application
>with the help of those documentation. However, I could
>not make it work under CJK windows. On English version,
>they all works fine. Will somebody from Microsoft in
>this list offer some help?
>thanks in advance
>Steve Lee
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