Re: Bidi reordering results - final

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 05:02:07 EST

Mark and Markus.

> Markus> Curious only that some of the results from the "Unicode Reference
> Markus> Code" do not match the ICU results, which were cross-checked with
> Markus> the Java reference implementation that is now part of the
> Markus> and is going to go onto the CD. We will look into this, or maybe
> Markus> someone else (Mark? Asmus?) can look at it, too.
>This is curious. I tested the output with both the C and C++ programs
>and bidi.cpp) provided at the Unicode site that Asmus provided.

As I wrote in a separate posting the problem is in the fact that we all
use 'ad-hoc' pseudo alphabets for the demo/test cases. Make sure that
you know what bidi classes get generated for each text string and that
that matches your expectation.

>I did not test with the biditest.cpp because it won't compile as it is
>(missing includes, missing Native_FLAG_DIR* flags, invalid ANSI variable
>binding, and missing parameter cast).

biditest.cpp is a piece of the cross-testing harness for comparing the
Java and CPP implementations. It is 'distributed' solely so that other
people can maintain the Unicode reference code suites and repeat the
verification process, in case I should not be available do the work.
This file is not meant for public use, and you will find
language in the comments to that effect.

>I will use the Java reference implementation to check the results of the C
>C++ code.


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