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From: Magda Danish (Unicode) (v-magdad@microsoft.com)
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 22:02:36 EST

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Subject: Keyboard remappings

I'm working on a keyboard remapper using Mircrosofts Direct Input API.
However, I am having great difficulty in locating any information on
remapping keyboards for foreign languages. The languages I need to support
are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and English.

The best I have found is a collection of tables in the Mircrosoft developer
network documentation which explains how to remap virtual key codes under
Windows CE, but this list does not include even basic punctuation keys. The
Direct Input API, provides me with information about exactly which keys have
been pressed but there is no infomation on how to map these keys for other
languages anywhere.

I would be most greatful if you could direct me to any relevant information.

Thanks in advance.

Greg Irwin
Infogrames UK


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