Re: English Spelling

From: greynolds (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 21:51:24 EST

John Cowan wrote:
> "Reynolds, Gregg" wrote:
> > [I]t's actually highly rational, but it is
> > designed for native speakers, not those who needed a phonemic transcription.
> Most of it. But if a fairly small number of irregularities are repaired
> (there is no reason why there should be nine different pronunciations of
> "-ough"), it would be far more so.

Whaught? Hough? Should Mozart's music not have so many notes, Van
Gough's paintings so many colors?

I can't believe anybody would voluntarily surrender such glorious
wierdness! Especially somebody blessed with a silent 'h' in his name!
On the contrary, why not promote the spread of oughness? Ough signals
far more than just pronunciation - we need more ough it! Ough ough I
cannot get enough! Wough unto he that cannot put ough with ough!
Onward! Oughward! Oughward!

Youghrs in oughness,


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