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Jayne Tan

The easiest way to do this is to let Windows do it using MLang.
Documentation for this COM library can be found at:

If you don't want to use COM, there are exported functions that will let you
do some, if not all, of your needed functionality.

But, if part of the exercise is going through the gyrations of doing the
text translation yourself, then you've got quite a project on your hands,
which will require you to do quite a bit of coding and storing the data off
in some table format (it wouldn't be a good idea to hard-code these tables
into your code, as pure ASCII could be done). Good luck!
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          I'm a student doing my final year project on
a Chinese Search Engine.I understand that I must use
unicode in my program for code conversion. However,
after going through the CD-ROM & "The Unicode
Standard, Version 2.0", I still couldn't figure out
how to implement the unicode in my search engine
program.(I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 for the program)

    Can anyone out there tell me how to store the
unicode CJK table into my program and how to
implement it for conversion. I'm supposed to convert
the user's input character(Chinese) to its unicode and
use this code to search for relevant URLs before
displaying them.

     I'm rather weak in programming,so whatever help I
get will be greatly appreciated.
Ever grateful,

Jayne T

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