Re: bidi on Windows and Mac

Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 07:18:57 EST

>Some people have graciously offered to help Mozilla implement
       bidi. We are discussing the design now.

>It would be nice if we could implement the Unicode bidi
       algorithm, including the embedding level resolution and the
       actual reordering itself, in XP code. If it is in XP code, we
       only have to implement it once, and we don't have to keep
       multiple copies in sync.

       BiDi is only half (or less) of the issue, isn't it? What about
       all the other layout issues such as diacritic stacking and
       positioning, required and discretionary ligature formation,
       indic reording and glyph shaping, etc. Do you have a
       cross-platform solution to that to include in XP?

       Bob Hallissy

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