Re: bidi on Windows and Mac

Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 15:00:32 EST

       Erik wrote:
>You raise good points. It was somebody else who proposed to do
       the reordering and shaping required for Arabic and Hebrew in XP
       code. The idea is to use Unicode's Arabic presentation forms in
       the U+FXXX area for the shaping. The proposal does have its
       merits, I think. Then somebody raised the issue of Thai and
       Indic, and somebody else said that we should try to focus on
       bidi for now.

>My concern is that we might be able to get away with using
       presentation forms for Arabic for now, but then run into
       problems with other languages later if we continue to try to
       use Unicode as a glyph encoding. Actually, could you help me by
       giving specific examples of glyphs that are *not* in Unicode?
       E.g. compulsory/discretionary ligatures, shaped glyphs.

       In Tom Milo's presentation on Arabic at the last 2 conferences,
       he makes the point that the glyphs in the Arabic Presentation
       Forms blocks are not terribly useful: there are some that are
       unlikely to occur, and many ligatures that almost certainly
       would occur in typical texts but aren't included.

       Depending upon presentation form characters encoded in Unicode
       for rendering Arabic doesn't sound like a good idea to me.


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