Re: (SC22WG20.2877) Where to Add new Currency Sign? -- Cultural adaptability and international standards

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Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 15:55:03 EST

À 13:47 1999-12-20 -0700, Jim Melton a écrit :
>Alain, et al,
>At 15:23 12/20/1999 -0500 Monday, Alain LaBonté wrote:
>>The rule is the ISO 3066 country code (2 letters), followed by a letter
>>representing the national currency unit...
>And whose "rule" is this? Is it an International Standard? If so, can you
>cite the number?

[Alain] Yes, ISO 4217... Which bases its country codes (used in the first
2 letters for each one) on ISO 3166 (Country codes).

>I have seen "common practice" for many, many years that
>uses currency abbreviations other than those you cite, including "FFR" for
>French francs, and used in multiple situations (not only currency
>exchanges). Therefore, there must be *some* level of acceptance of them.

[Alain] Snobbish usage... It is perhaps "in" to use codes even if they are
unusable in computerized applications on really small, dumb, machines or

>Thanks for any information,

[Alain] You're most welcome. In advance "Happy Y2K bug"! Enjoy the fun!

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