Re: f + halant + i = ?

From: Jeroen Hellingman (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 16:25:46 EST

I would not really feel for it, there are several halants, each for their
scripts, and they are probably not intended to be used out of their context.

I wonder what a Gujarati halant would do in a context of Devanagari
Act as a halant, and do the right thing, show up with a dotted circle to
that it has no context (my preference) or show up as a box, indicating no

Jeroen Hellingman

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>Could the Devanagari halant be used with Latin script, runes, etc.? This
>is just a quick idea. Feel free to shoot it down. Halant then meaning
>something along the lines of: combine (ligate) the preceding and following
>characters if rendering resources permit and no ZWJ or ZWNJ is present.

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