Re: Where to Add new Currency Sign? --Is Unicode forcing it?

Date: Fri Dec 24 1999 - 09:45:14 EST


Denoted Rs/=

This is in Latin text, we can understand here.

Take India, Many languages, one currency and it is Rupees. In Tamil text it is abriviated equivalant to Rs/=

In Hindi, etc.. how are they denoted.

Should we need a common symbol for Indian Rupees to cater for all languages?

Now go to Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Eelam they all use country specific Rupees.

Should we need an International symbol for Rupees (about 1 and half billion in population) and then Country specific ID and tell all languages to have One common symbol. Alternatively tell them to use the Latin Rs/= as common or there is no point in Unifying Unicode trying to cater for Languages and regions.

Before the time of Unicode an Indian business did not have to compute the currency convesion from Indian Rupees to Indonesian Rupees. A Telu-Indian business did not have to convert Indian Rupees to Indian Rupees of Orian-Indian business.

Is Unicode forcing something onto everybody?


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