Re: Latin ligatures and Unicode

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 20:28:29 EST

John Cowan wrote:

> John Jenkins wrote:

> > For me, the AAT and OpenType mechanisms adequately answer this point, as
> > they allow full control over arbitrary (or automatic) ligature
generation or
> > overriding.

> I begin to suspect that people are talking past one another here. Allow
> full control to whom, using what? AFAIU (and I may not understand far
> enough), OpenType allows control to the font designer, not to the document
> author/transcriber. It is the latter for whom ZWL/ZWNL caters.

The font designer can specify a default behaviour, behaviour
tuned to particular languages as well as alternate (user selectable)
behaviour or glyphs.

You could provide several alternate ligature glyphs for a given
pair of characters which the user could select. Of course the
application has to provide an interface enabling the user to
select from these alternates.

- Chris

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