Re: Latin ligatures and Unicode

Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 12:04:00 EST

>For Wachstube the user has to put the soft hyphen. (as hinted

       Right. I thought you were suggesting an algorithm that could
       add ZWL (or control ligation using whatever means); so clearly
       there are cases where the user needs to be able to control
       ligation. The open question, then, is what is the appropriate
       mechanism for that control.

>Why should he insert both a soft hyphen and a non-ligator?
       If he/she does not what hyphenation in the whole paragraph,
       programs allows to switch hyphenation off. So he/she can use
       soft hyphen although no hyphenation is desired. But if one
       hyphenation, but not in that particular word, but the letters
       can form a ligature should not ligate here?

       OK, you've convinced me that using soft hyphen is probably not
       a good way to control ligation.


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