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From: Ivan A Derzhanski (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 21:38:13 EST

Addition: Hard-sign ery, iotated _e_ and iotated _a_ were all in
occasional use in Bulgarian in the 19C, notably in Najden Gerov's
monumental _Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language_, which is where
I get my idea of what their civilian forms look like.

> In some manuscripts, VARIANT LITTLE YUS and LITTLE YUS were used
> instead of LITTLE YUS and IOTIFIED LITTLE YUS respectively, i.e.
> for /e~/ and /je~/.

Namely in Codex Suprasliensis and in Liber Sabbae (but perhaps
in other texts also).


> This was the pre-Peter-the-Great Cyrillic letter for /ja/.
> Peter abolished it in favor of a glyphic variant
> of BIG YUS,
Make that `LITTLE'.


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