Re: Latin ligatures and Unicode

Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 01:48:28 EST

       MD>>C. The GUI supports explicit ligature formation (EON or
> B1. Before choosing setting
> ON: the user sees "ct" ligature.
> OFF: the user sees "ct".
> B2. After choosing setting
> B2a. The font doesn't know about or support setting
> ON: the user sees "ct" ligature.
> OFF: the user sees "ct".
> B2b. The font supports the setting
> EON: ON&OFF: The user sees "ct" ligature
> EOFF: ON&OFF: The user sees "ct"

       MC>This system uses an higher-level alternative protocol, so it
       is a little bit out of scope. To fully integrate the new
       ZWL/ZWNL in such a system, 3 steps should be taken:

       Eh, Marco, I believe Mark was suggesting the three scenarios as
       alternate and mutually-exclusive solutions to the ligature
       control problem; I'm sure he was not envisioning that the
       EON/EOFF mechanism and the ZWL/ZWNL would co-occur. The fact
       that scenario C uses a higher-level protocol is not out of
       scope; it is precisely the point that Mark was trying to make.
       Accordingly, your 3 steps are not likely to be needed (I'm
       assuming it's not likely that the concensus will be to
       implement ligation control both using characters in plain text
       and using out-of-band markup).


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