Re: Letter Spacing and ligature formation

Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 13:36:00 EST

       OK, the following from the OpenType list seemed to be to be a
       little pertinent to our discussion: If an application is to
       control disabling ligation above a certain tracking setting (or
       under whatever circumstances), would an app developer rather do
       that by supressing ZWL characters from the text stream, or by
       turning off style/font feature?

       (I suppose, though, that if there really are cases of semantic,
       obligatory ligation, these should not be disabled by the app.)


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       Hrant H. Papazian wrote at 30/12/99 18:52

>Why just those five? Because that's all that the
>[legacy] MacOS gave us? Is 5 really that much
>better than 2? What about "fj", for example?

       I think Bill was giving an example, rather than saying "just
       these five". The "legacy" MacOS only has two ligatures that
       operate as such: "fi", "fl" though it also has "oe", "OE", "ae"
       and "AE" (and "&" if you want to be really fussy).

       I think the breaking of ligatures when tracking/kerning is an
       application level setting - basically because tracking/kerning
       is an application level setting.

       -- Clive

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