RE: Unicode and Word

From: Janko Stamenovic (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 05:27:53 EST

> Janko Stamenovic mentioned his keyboard generator, which works
> on Win95 and Win98. It's important to be aware of certain
> limitations on those operating systems: there is no way to send
> an application a Unicode character code from an input method;
> it is only possible to send an 8-bit character code (or
> sequence of such) which an app can then translate to Unicode
> via a codepage. (Well, actually, it would be possible to
> develop a proprietary solution in which an app can get Unicode
> characters from an input method manager, but that involves a
> proprietary app, and won't work for Word.) Janko's solution
> will only work provided there is a codepage that includes the
> needed Unicode characters, and a given keyboard layout can
> access characters from only one codepage. As far as I can tell
> from looking at the shareware version of his program, it can
> only work with one particular codepage, the default system
> codepage. On Bill's system, that probably means cp1252 (the
> so-called "US ANSI" codepage). This may or may not include the
> characters Bill is looking for.

Peter, this is not true. Janko's Keyboard Generator merely produces the
keyboard layout files (KBD) designed by Microsoft as the solution for
Windows 95/98.

As you correctly noted, Windows 95/98 works only with codepages. But the
active codepage depends on the selected language. Therefore you can reach
ALL codepages from the software which allows working with more languages
(like Word or even Wordpad).

So the truth is that for one language you can access only one codepage, but
it is the consequence of 16-bit design of Windows 95/98 system.


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