RE: How can I publish a multi-lingual Access 2000 database on the web?

From: Alan Wood (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 04:51:43 EST

David Bennett [] asked:

> I also am having trouble getting Access 2000 to support Asian fonts
> in the first place. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

I am not an Access expert, but I recently read the pages on Microsoft's Web
site about multilingual aspects of Office 2000 and as far as I remember it
said that an Access database can use only one font. The latest versions of
Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New include Latin, Cyrillic, Greek,
Arabic and Hebrew characters, but if you want to use Asian fonts you
probably need to install international support and use Arial Unicode MS,
which is claimed to include all of the characters in the Unicode 2.0
standard. Unfortunately, it is huge (around 23 Mbytes) and slows down most
people's computers. Also, it is only supplied with Microsoft's Office 2000
range of products, so many people will not have it.

You can find information about other TrueType fonts that support multiple
Unicode ranges at:

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