Re: How can I publish a mulit-lingual Access 2000 database on the web?

From: Stephen Holmes (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 07:11:46 EST

Hi there,

It's not so much the web server that I would have the concern with, but the browser that will ulitmately view your database content. Of course, if you have forms-based input on your web-pages aswell then I'd recommend purchasing a couple of boxes of ReGain(tm) as there will be some hair pulling involved. You might consider using Java-based forms for your input requirements (the new JDK mentions a Unicode IME aswell).

As far as I'm aware, Access 2000 handles Unicode internally which is an obvious bonus for storing multilingual content (previously, we've had to store codepage information with our content for multilingual processing, or worse, have language specific databases)

If you are populating your web page with database content, then I would strongly suggest that in your generated pages that you set the CHARSET tag, in the <META> section, to use the UTF-8 encodings. Most modern browsers will support this encoding and, even better, most modern browsers will also allow you to map an individual TTF font to the Unicode range being processed, therefore you won't need a MEGA font such as MS Arial Unicode (23MB) as a one-font-for-all solution. Of course, if the the mapped font for a specific Unicode range isn't installed on the "browsing" machine, then the characters won't display as intended.

Hope this doesn't add to the confusion!


"David Bennett" <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I will need to publish a multilingual Access 2000 database on the web.
> I am worried that webservers may not support Asian fonts. Is this a
> concern? If so what should I do?
> I also am having trouble getting Access 2000 to support Asian fonts in the
> first place. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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