Re: Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

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Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 05:17:32 EST

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> But maybe the image is not so big after all: let me try.
> <<gdpt.gif>>
> > The result is that the "Serbian" style is by far the most common (a > >
2 to 1score, in this limited set of fonts

If you select "italics" in Microsoft Word, you will get italic glyphs only
if there is a dedicated italic font file for the selected font. Otherwise
you simply get the base glyphs slanted.
There are italic font files for some Microsoft Standard fonts, like Arial or
Times Roman, but not e.g. Arial Unicode.

For Latin script fonts, you can live with slanted glyphs declared as
"italic", as long as your eye is not tuned for typographic details. For
Cyrillic script fonts, where the glyphs differ far more, this is not the
case. Thus (as far as Microsoft Word users are concerned), it is up to
Microsoft to allow slanting when an italic font file is not available only
for Latin, but to show an error message "No italic font file available" for
Regardless which *true italic* form of the "t" you may expect - to show
slanted Cyrillic letters when italics are requested is simply a bug.

Karl Pentzlin
AC&S Analysis Consulting & Software GmbH
München, Germany

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