RE: Globalization for disabilities

Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 12:49:57 EST

Time ago I had a silly question about Chinese braille, and I discovered a
couple of interesting and helpful www places about braille.

1) A mailing list called Braille Help List (subscribe mailing to; unsubscribe mailing to; post mailing to -- not very active, recently.

2) The Royal National Institute for the Blind ( in
Great Britain, that has very good info and extremely helpful and skilled
people. Dr. Jurgen Grotz (International Policy Co-ordinator) is extremely
expert about braille internationalization.


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> Hello all,
> A few months ago, I raised the issue of the next generation of software
> internationalization, meaning that functionality and feature access would
> be
> "componentized" so that it was modifiable during localization.
> I have been asked to do some research on whether anyone out there is
> expanding the concept of globalization to include support for people with
> disabilities. Sometime recently there was a discussion on the Unicode list
> about Braille, and so I am hoping that some list members may be dealing
> with
> these issues.
> Any referrals to experts or to available resources on this topic would be
> appreciated.
> Thank you.
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