Out-of-topic: script direction (was RE: Japanese RTL)

From: Marco.Cimarosti@icl.com
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 08:13:41 EST

> Christopher John Fynn:
> >Interestingly early Roman writing was boustrophedon, the directionality
> >of the lines alternating L2R then R2L, like a snake. When the lines were
> >R2L the letters also faced to the left.
Michael Everson:
>Rongorongo is the most fun. You have to turn the board around like an

On the Phaistos Disk the text(probably) runs in a spiral from outside to
inside(probably); it is the only document we have of this script (no one
dare propose it for encoding, I hope...).

There also an Etruscan spiral document: the Magliano disk.


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