Etruscan LTR (was RE: Japanese RTL (was RE: Mongolian (was RE: Sy riac and Mongolian)

Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 12:28:07 EST

John Jenkins wrote:
>Etruscan will probably be encoded as LTR letters.

Why isn't Etruscan simply bidi-neutral? Why *all* scripts so far have strong

The reasons why CJK or Mongolian are LTR are not totally convincing, but for
historical scripts like Etruscan or Hieroglyphs I really don't see any valid

Such scripts are only used by scholars, that may have a heap of reasons to
use either directions; and the Unicode bidi algorithm has plenty means to
allow them the choice. Moreover, for such a limited and specialized usage,
one could expect that the users are prepared to some complexity.

_ Marco

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