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From: John Jenkins (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 18:53:35 EST

on 1/12/00 2:53 PM, Reynolds, Gregg at wrote:

> Paul's epistles were probably
> written in Greek, but the Gospels, the core book of the Bible, were first
> composed in Aramaic. Yes, that is a wild speculation, but it could be true!

Alas, no. Mark, Luke, and John were undoubtedly composed originally in
Greek. There is a small chance that Matthew was originally composed in
Aramaic, but scholars are nearly unanimous that this isn't the case. At
least the right-handed ones are. :-)

(BTW, doesn't this imply that since the preferred righting direction for Far
Eastern scripts was originally vertical, everyone in that part of the world
must clearly be ambidextrous?)

John H. Jenkins

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