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From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 18:44:38 EST

Ironically, you can actually ignore this alert and things will work fine,
since Word will use numeric entities as needed. The alert should merely have
been recommending Unicode, not saying it was required. All this is much,
much improved in Word2000 (Word2000 HTML is a total rewrite, and this time
by our own Microsoft developers for the first time)

With Word97, you can force the page to save as Unicode using the following
steps. This saves as UTF-8, not UTF-16. The alert actually says "Unicode",
not "UTF-16".Word97 doesn't output UTF-16 HTML if I remember correctly.

With your file loaded as HTML, got to File/Properties
For the "Encoding to save as", select Unicode (UTF-8).

In Word97, you can't see this dialog unless the file is already in HTML
format. So if you are starting a web page from scratch and did not go
through File/New/New Web Page, then you have to first save the file as HTML,
then you can see the dialog to change the encoding, and save again.
Delightful, isn't it?

Chris Pratley
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Word

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Sorry to bother you.

I am a translator into Czech. I received an html file in English. When I
type in Czech into it, my Word 97 doesn't let me save it as html, saying the
current encoding doesn't allow these characters and recommends to change the
encoding into UTF-16.

Can I do it myself (not being a software expert)?

And if so, how?

Many, many thanks in advance for an answer
Renata Korpak
Tel./fax 01273 772 001

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