Re: Unicodeless WAP?

From: mg (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 10:01:17 EST

Arsa Christophe PIERRET:

> >...
> >From my understanding WAP supports Unicode as its primary character set
> (with a preference for the UTF-8 encoding scheme).
> That is great news for our Unicode community.
> BUT ...
> ...
> The major point here is : will WAP-enabled devices (and WAP User agents)
> support display of arbitrary Unicode text?


> I guess that the majority will not ...

Anyone care to update us in re the situation as of now, in terms of real
products (now shipping)?

> ...
> Even if a user agent tells it supports UTF-8, it may not correctly display
> each and every character.
> The right people to ask are maybe at Nokia,Ericsson and Motorola.

My point exactly. When Unicode Consortium asked them, what did they say?

> About WAP and ISO:
> ==============================
> WAP is not an ISO standart, it is driven by a consortium, much like Unicode
> in fact.
> But in fact it seems to reference some ISO standarts (including 10646) and
> some W3C recommandations (compiling the list is just too much for me)
> About the future belonging to WAP:
> ==============================
> It is still questionable (some Palm executives seems to disagree) but
> everybody else seems to agree on this.
> I Hope I answered your Wap questions,

One of them, then you raised more!:-)

> Christophe Pierret

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