Re: Language Tagging And Unicode

From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:29:07 EST

At 06:52 AM 01/19/2000 -0800, John Cowan wrote:
>On the contrary, we
>have the DOS and Windows codepages which purport to handle both
>Russian and Serbian text, and there must be a single conversion table
>for them, not language-specific conversion tables.

"Purport[s]" is correct. It does not distinguish between the Russian and
Serbian versions of the 5 letters as it should (they are NOT the same
letter - only letters that serve the same purpose in the two languages).
Russian PE does not OCCUR in Serbian - Its function is served by the
Serbian letter PE (and so forth). There is just as much difference between
the two PEs as there is between "s" and "long s" in German. They are two
separate letters in German that share a common Glyph under certain font

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