Re: The Cent & Florin Signs VS. C-Slash & Left-Tailed F

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 04:56:51 EST

Rich Gilliam schrieb:

> F-hook should also be representable with U+0066 LATIN SMALL LETTER F
> followed by (I'm guessing here) U+0321 COMBINING PALATALIZED HOOK BELOW.

No. This does not work (neither semantically nor grafically) -- the F with
hook is a separate letter of many african languages with an individual
capital letter quite distinct from *CAPITAL LETTER F WITH PALATIZED HOOK BELOW.

The F with hook denotes the bilabial f sound contrasted with a
labiodental f sound.

The f with hook poses a little problem to font designers quite similar to the
recently discussed problem of serbian vs. russian italic shapes: In many
standard fonts the italic small letter f has the hook shape. In a font
designed for african use, it must be straight in order to keep the difference to
italic f with hook. See also and

--J"org Knappen

Ceterum censeo: Latin small letter f and Florin sign must be disunified.

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