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Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 08:33:16 EST

Is there a document that explains the MS I18N model that Office is working
toward? I'm not asking about api's etc but what the definition is of
correct worldwide behavior. Not a definition of how a date should be
displayed in France, but a statement of principles that addresses such
concerns as how a date created in France should be displayed when the
document is opened in Taiwan, for example.

Of course there won't always be one best solution, but it would be nice to
know what the MS framework is for this.

Kim Peck

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Peter mentions that Word uses language information only for selecting
proofing tools, but that is not all. Word uses language for many things:
Determining date format
Determining sort order
Controlling line breaking, word breaking (for scripts that need it)
Determining many default properties

Once the necessary infrastructure (fonts, UniScribe support) is available in
at least a prototype testable form, and if I am still running things :),
you'll probably see Word start displaying language-appropriate glyphs from
fonts if they exist. From the application perspective all we need is to be
able to add a language parameter to our text rendering, and the OS should
take care of it (UniScribe is part of Windows). These things take time. I
suspect that given the standard priorities, the languages that we see this
first will be CJK. Once the infrastructure is there, third parties could
create fonts with the necessary glyph tables for languages we didn't do

Chris Pratley
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Word

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