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Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 12:45:38 EST


       You asked me separately about additional Cyrillic characters I
       was aware of. These are capital and small GHE with right
       descender. I have been given info that suggests other possible
       additional needs, but don't know enough about this script to
       evaluate this.

       The uc/lc ghe with right descender are used for two languages
       that I am aware of: Nivkh (aka Gilyak; see http:
       // and Yupik
       (see or I have
       photocopies of some pages from published sources in Yupik
       showing examples of these characters.

       I'll forward to you (not to the list, unless others request) a
       message I sent to Asmus several months ago with further


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>Out of curiosity, which characters are missing from Unicode
       for Cyrillic >Kurdish?


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