Re: Language Tagging And Unicode

From: John Cowan (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 17:09:02 EST

Janko Stamenovic wrote:

> Maybe somebody knows about Moldavian more, they used Cyrillic and now
> started to use Latin.
> I don't know if they have 1-1 correspondence.

Hmm, neither do I.
> [...] otherwise you'd have to know spelling for some critical
> words (we have words of foreign origin like "injekcija" (injection) where nj
> should not become one letter).

Ah, I'm glad to have it on record that such cases exist.

> And did I mention that the stress marks used in Serbian for analysing the
> pronunciation combined with letters also don't have their characters in
> Unicode?

Are they the same marks in Latin and Cyrillic? I'm familiar with the
Latin ones.

> Yes, I'we been talking about this for a while... Actually I first felt how
> this is powerful approach once I saw Greek texts (printed in capitals, not
> small letters which are to different) and when I found that I can figure out
> what's "semantic of the letter" very fast.

A Russian friend of mine actually thinks of Greek as being written in
Cyrillic -- "more or less".

> You are really very smart and good informed!



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