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Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 15:23:35 EST

U+2118 isn't a capital; it's the Weierstrass p (pls see your handy Unicode
3.0 Standard :-), so U+0070 would be more appropriate. But I think it would
also be a mistake to consider any mapping to p. The Weierstrass p is its own
symbol, unique in the world of symbols. To map it to another symbol loses
its meaning. Such a mapping would be as bad as mapping alpha to the letter
a, something done by default, sigh, by the Win32 WideCharToMultiByte()
routine if you specify code page 1252.


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> Why doesn't U+2118 SCRIPT CAPITAL P have a compatibility decomposition?
> <font> 0050 would be the obvious value, the same as for U+2119
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