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Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 15:53:13 EST

       The Tavultesoft Keyboard Manager ("Keyman") will do that, and a
       whole lot more. See We've had a lot of
       experience using this, and while it has some quirks, it has
       been invaluable to us for use in projects involving literally
       hundreds of different minority languages.

       Quick comparison of versions:
       - 3.2 supports only 8-bit text and runs on Win 3.x and 9x (also
       available from SIL web site)
       - 4.x supports only 8-bit text and runs on Win NT 4 as well as
       3.x and 9x
       - 5.0 (still beta) supports 8-bit text or Unicode, and runs
       only on NT 4 (presumably will run on Win2K when that arrives -
       I don't know if Marc has tested on betas of W2K)


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       Lloyd Anderson asked me a question that I can't answer... I
       wonder if anyone on this list knows?

       Please reply to the list and also to Lloyd --



> for Windows which permits construction and installation
> of software keyboards in which a single key yields
> a sequence of code points?

       reply please to

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