Re: Font question

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 15:13:40 EST

"François Yergeau" wrote:

> 1) TrueType (or OpenType)
> 2) covers Latin-1, Simplified Chinese (basically the GB2312 charset) and
> preferable Latin-2
> 3) fixed pitch, the ideographs being exactly twice the width of the Latin
> and the accented letters being single-width (as opposed to what is usually
> found in GB fonts where only ASCII is single-width).
> Does anyone know such a beast?

Almost. The GNU Unicode Font (
has lots and lots of characters, and is "biwidth" as you describe
(8 x 16 ideographs, 8 x 8 otherwise).

The trouble is that it's only available in its native format
and BDF format (use the converter hex2bdf at the above location),
and I have been unable to find any BDF->TTF converter. You could try to
persuade Mark Leisher to write one, as he's already written the
converse program, ttf2bdf.


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