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From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 06:01:05 EST

Access97 is not a Unicode application, but Access2000 is, so your planned
system should work with Access2000. To input the characters, since you only
need European languages you can use the various keyboards that come with any
version of Windows - you just need to add the international support.
Explanations of how to do this are all over the place - even in the help
system for Office2000. Alternatively you can use Character map and that
should work as well. In general your Unicode-based efforts will work better
on Windows2000 than on Windows98, but you should be able to do what you want
on Windows98.

Chris Pratley
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Word

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Can anyone out there respond to this inquiry. Thanks.

Magda Danish
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The Unicode Consortium

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Subject: Various Unicode character sets in ONE MS Access'97 database

Dear Sirs,

My name is Atanas Kiriakov. I am an archaeologist in a regional
museum, not a professional programmer, but I have a good working
knowledge of Access and so I am responsible for the museum
information system. The only obstacles I've met so far concern the
"Bibliography" database, where in ONE field I have to enter
letters from the Bulgarian, English, French, Greek, Turkish...
alphabets. When I tried to do it trough InsertSymbol or Character
Map, all the previously entered characters converted into the code
page of the inserted symbol.

For the time being I've resorted to a TTF of my own - using Font
Monger I replaced the useless characters with all the letters I
need, but this is not an universal solution and it does create
some minor sorting problems. I insert these symbols with the key
combination "Alt+character_code". Is there a key combination for
inserting an Unicode character trough its hexadecimal code while
writing in an Access 97 database field? And if this is not
possible under Windows 98 / Access 97, could it be done under some
other operating system and/or other DBMS?

Please, help us with professional consultation.

Thank You in advance.

Atanas Kiriakov, Museum of History, 4700 Smolyan, Bulgaria

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