Re: 8859-1, 8859-15, 1252 and Euro

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 16:38:04 EST

Alain wrote:
> I believe the problem is the same for HTML. I would prefer the
> quick-and-dirty solution that assumes 8859-15 even if it is tagged 8859-1,

This is a bad idea. I'm surprised that it came from you.

> rather than the one that assumes it is code page 1252 when tagged 8859-1.
> This would allow for a harmonious operation between Macs, PCs, the Unix
> world and IBM mainframes. Right now it is not clean, it does not work (for
> the EURO sign and for French and Finnish), in addition to be a
> quick-and-dirty solution (for which I, for one, am not fanatically opposed
> when it makes things work).

I believe that the best short-term solution for the euro in HTML is to
use 0x80 with the "windows-1252" label. The best long-term solution is
one or all of UTF-8/NCRs/CERs.

(NCR = €
 CER = €)


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