Re: 8859-1, 8859-15, 1252 and Euro

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 12:37:44 EST

John Cowan wrote:
> Frank da Cruz wrote:
> > It's hard to believe that in the year 2000 we are still talking as though
> > we don't understand why the C1 area should not be used for graphic
> > characters in data communications protocols. [...]
> > That MIME allows one to put any old character set in the content of a
> > message or web page is a travesty, and not an excuse to do it.
> You seem to make two points: that the number of charsets used for
> information interchange should be limited, and that bytes 0x80-0x9F
> should be reserved for control functions. I agree with the first.
> If the second were to be enforced, interchange in UTF-8 would become
> impossible.
UTF-8 isn't a character set, its a representation of a character set.

To the degree that UTF-8 contains C1 bytes in its encoding of graphic
characters, I would say that interchange in UTF-8 *is* impossible in the
many settings where ISO standards apply.

Of course the Web is not one them.

- Frank

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