Re: 8859-1, 8859-15, 1252 and Euro (bis)

From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 14:53:48 EST

At 10:19 AM 02/10/2000 -0800, Alain wrote:
>À 09:54 2000-02-10 -0800, Robert A. Rosenberg a écrit:
> >There are MacEudora Translation Tables that will accept messages that are
> >flagged as Windows-1252 and do correct conversion to MacRoman as opposed to
> >the default conversion that assumes it is in the Mac Version of ISO-8859-1
> >(ie: Which translate the incoming x80-x9F codepoints to the corresponding
> >Mac Characters based on the Windows Encoding not the one that MacEudora uses
> >for ISO-8859-1). I can point you at them if you want (putting the table into
> >your Eudora Stuff folder automatically handles incoming messages and allows
> >creation of Windows destined messages containing the extra 32 characters [to
> >the extent that they exist on both platforms]).
>[Alain] I answered privately so that we can conduct tests. I knew that
>between Macs and PCs it was just a matter of agreement between the
>clients, but problem was that there is no standard solution for all
>packages. But MacEudora is certainly imporaant enough that this is
>Thanks very much.
>Alain LaBonté

As I noted, all that is needed is for the sending MUA to CORRECTLY identify
the charset it is sending in and for the receiving MUA to support that
charset. Thus any platform can send/receive so long as it supports the
charset. This is no different than someone sending an Email in Japanese. If
the receiving MUA (on a Windows OR a Macintosh) has support for display of
Japanese then the message will be acceptable.

I'll send a test message as you requested once I get home.

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