Re: OEM codepages in Windows (was: Japanese Windows Code Page?)

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 19:32:53 EST

Progress also has a continuing demand for Mazovian.
I would like to get more details on the Bulgarian code page.

Frank da Cruz wrote:
> Piotr Trzcionkowski wrote:
> > Frank da Cruz wrote:
> > > The encoding used almost universally in Poland is not
> > > CP852, nor Windows Latin-2, nor anything else you might expect. It's a
> > > home-grown PC Code Page called Mazovia, which is a version of CP437 with
> > > minimal substitutions to represent Polish.
> >
> > It's rather nonsense what you wrote. Really, Mazowia WAS polish "standard"
> > done that, or similar, way. It was used many years ago...
> >
> Old "standards" have a long life. My information comes from Poland, where
> several companies have independently required that we add support for Mazovia
> to the most recent versions of our products.
> > > Bulgaria has a similar situation, but they call their code page CP856
> > > instead of making up a name for it as the Poles did.
> >
> > I think it is history :-)))
> >
> The same story there.
> - Frank

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