Prohibitions by Ken Whistler (was: The Unicode 3.0 book)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 18:36:06 EST

Markus noted:

> If there has been a subscription peak to this list very recently, then
> no doubt that is because the web site claimed that the
> "Unicode Standard, Version 3.0" will be published by Addison Wesley
> exactly today, 2000-02-11, which should give raise to many highly
> interesting on-topic discussions. After all, Ken Whistler has basically
> forbidden here any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement
> a few months ago until after 3.0 is published (presumably today?), which
> is no doubt why many people - like myself - unsubscribed to escape the
> remaining nugatios piffle and just came back today to see the show going
> on ...

Just to clear the record -- I asked the list to refrain from trying to
provide us with "helpful" edits to the *text* of the standard. (And I
am grateful that such commentary did, in fact, die down during the
last several months.) But I was not forbidding any constructive
criticisms or suggestions for improvement in other areas that did not
involve trying to wordsmith the book itself. And in fact much such
discussion has continued just fine.

> I have a long list of questions that should start highly interesting
> on-topic questions, but I'll hold them back until I get my own copy of
> Unicode 3.0 (ISBN 0-201-61633-5), which according to my local bookshop
> here in Cambridge will arrive in around 2 weeks.

Lest anyone feel unduly constrained, let me note that now that
the editorial committee has closed the book, so to speak, on Unicode 3.0,
all of you who are about to open the book for the first time should
feel free to unleash your commentary on the text. Reports of errors,
niggles, and nitpicks on the text are all now welcome at
And grand philosophical differences should, of course, be aired freely
on this list, as they always have been.


> Markus

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