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From: Piotr Trzcionkowski (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 19:29:53 EST

  Cześć, Piotr
Witojcie panocku :-)))
  I don't quite follow you. You don't seem to be happy with the fact
  that ISO-8859-2 was proclaimed the Polish standard [Polska Norma]
As I know, iso-8859-2 wasn't proclaimed as polish standard. It was only base for building PN, which needs open (down) quotation, which isn't available in iso.
  You had rather preferred Windows 1250 to be the PN??
I prefer modern, technically good standards/protocols/languages. I'm not interested in any polish formal specification. We aren't producer of any popular operating system ! All those sps will dead. I tell that all code page oriented standards like iso-8859 and cp'es technically are the same. We can only choice most popular from them ! So, there are no reasons to prefer iso-8859-2 when we can simply use more popular and even better (open quotation) cp-1250. Of course someone else can choice differ. We must only provide correct information about coding. Of course, best solutions is use Unicode.
  No matter what, your own website uses both 8859-2 [and not Win1250!]
  and UTF-16 which is quite confusing to me since there are no 'warnings'
  that I have to expect the UTF-16 pages ;)
What warning you are expect ? My pages in utf-16 are started with bom code. It's a way of inform software about use Unicode sufficient for popular web browsers(win,unixes), notepad(nt)/wordpad(95), word.
  pozdrowienia, Rein
tak, bywaj zdrów

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