Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 12:27:53 EST

Beverly Corwin asked me:
>Dear Marco,
>I think I forgot to post the last message to the list... sorry.. .could you
forward it to the list, if I sent it to you instead?

OK, forwarding. (In the meanwhile, John Jenkins has pointed you to the
official mapping:

_ Marco

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Subject: Re: STC / CTC

Thank you for your responses Marco and Alan.... yes, I was referring to the
pre-computer era coded CJK input method used in post offices in China, as
well as the general STC codes. Surprisingly, they are also still in use
here in the USA by some, for example, US Immigration Department of Justice
database has been using these codes for ages. Its for a project to
integrate script recognition OCR input and conversions to and from
applications that support Unicode. Also, maybe a conversion of codes. I'm
looking for any applications currently out there that could simplify this
process. Thank you again! Gee... I love this list....


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