Re: UCS-4, UCS-2, UTF-16, UTF-8

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 16:25:57 EST

Not only that. UCS-4 does not specify byte order, but UTF-32BE and
UTF-32LE does. I think UTF-32 itself (not UTF-32BE neither UTF32-LE) does
not make too much sense. But remember byte order is essential in network

Doug Ewell wrote:

> Joerg Knappen <KNAPPEN@ALPHA.NTP.SPRINGER.DE> wrote:
> > what's the point behind UTF-32? There is no such thing as a
> > transformation involved, not even cutting off the fourth octett (The
> > UTF-32 range fits very well in three octetts; and you can use even
> > less bits internally). So it boils down to yet another label for
> > character sets.
> UTF-32 is UCS-4 with additional semantics, namely that values beyond
> U-0010FFFF are excluded. The point is to enforce the limited range,
> and possibly to allow some kind of internal optimization of the kind
> Jörg alluded to, based on the knowledge that the range is limited.
> -Doug

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