Re: How to use UTF-16 in HTML pages (was: Polish codepages)

From: Piotr Trzcionkowski (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 14:57:12 EST

  From: "Otto Stolz" <>

  ich hatte geschrieben:
> For WWW pages, there is a standard way to announce the codepage used,
> cf. [...] <>

  This statement was based on an oversight: Indeed, there is a fundamental
  problem with declaring the UTF-16 charset in an HTML Meta tag.
There is no problem with declaring of encoding. There is a problem with principle which tells that html is ascii based.
  Am 2000-02-15 um 02:31 h MEZ haben Sie geschrieben:
> As I know, all my pages in utf-16 have a proper meta declaration.

  I was referring to the page you had recommended previously, in the
  current thread (some Polish-EDP related page from a university site).
If you mean about www.agh... , you should know it is not my page and it isn't even in Unicode !
> Excerpts from validating
> Error: Missing DOCTYPE declaration at start of document
> -------------------------------------------------------
> My page is in html v. 1.0 :-)

  It is not. It contains elements of HTML 3.2 (which demands ISO 8859-1
  encoding), such as background image, and font selection.
1. It doesn't imply is in html 3.2
2. Don't invent, I don't use font selection on my pages
  Only HTML 4.0
  allows these elements,
As I remember html 1.0 was open protocol which stated that we have some known tags and unknown ones which we can simply omit when interpretation.
  Now the question arises: Is this a legal way of announcing UTF-16 (so
  the validate should be mended),
See popular browsers. :-)
  or is it ruled out by HTTP
Http provide mechanism to transfer packet of ANY type of datas.
  or HTML?
Html shouldn't be a way of announcing of encoding.
> It means, problem is in validate, not "html syntax". Authors of this
> validate can't imagine that someone wants utf-16.

  It rather means that the problem is in your non-standard way of announcing
I have no better in this moment. Other publishers are in similar situation.
  Try the service with a properly
  anounced UTF-16 encoding;
I public by available for me method which not works only in validate proposed by you.
  However, you do not offer your page
  to a particular browser, but rather to all HTTP clients, world-wide.
Which "particular browser" ? What "http clients" ? I offer my page to group of people. They don't use ancient web browsers !
  is definitely not enough if your page displays alright on your own screen,
  and possibly on a few more screens in your neighbourhod.
What web browser which support Unicode don't display my pages ?

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